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Meet the CEO

Chris Newton

Founder & CEO

Chris Newton, the Founder and CEO of Global Dimensions, has a 34+ year Army career as a seasoned Chief Intelligence Analyst. He has served in multiple operations, to include Desert Storm, Noble Eagle, Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom, and Resolute Support. As a Chief Intelligence Analyst, he contributed to key missions, including real-time mission support to the Defense Intelligence Agency, National Ground Intelligence Center, Military Intelligence Readiness Command, United States Army Intelligence and Security Command, and various other subordinate units and commands. With over 20 years in federal contracting, he has served as a senior manager in most headquarter positions, to include Executive Management, Human Resources, Information Technology, Program Management, Recruiting, Finance, Quality Control, and Personnel Security. In addition to his professional accomplishments, personally Mr. Newton continues to support programs for at risk youth, and has been involved with various self-funded missions to Tecate, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, providing humanitarian assistance to local orphanages.


Jeff Mitchell

V.P. of Operations

Jeff Mitchell, PMP has over 30 years’ management experience in both the public and private sectors. He served 32 years in multiple operations and leadership assignments in the Army National Guard and Army Reserve to include commanding approximately 1,800 military intelligence linguist soldiers across the country. He also served as the Army National Guard’s Senior Intelligence Officer and directly supported the Joint Chiefs of Staff Director for Intelligence as commander of the Joint Reserve Intelligence Unit. He holds an M.S. in Instructional Technology / Training Development and has worked as an instructional designer, training manager, instructional design consultant, and Learning Management System designer.

James G. Noone

V.P. for Intelligence

Jim recently retired from the Defense Intelligence Agency as an SES 2.  He began his 41-year DoD career as a Naval Intelligence Officer.  Senior Executive assignments include leading DIA’s Office for International Partner Engagement, 2016 Presidential Transition Team, Middle East-North Africa Office, Military Infrastructure Office, European Office (during the Balkan wars) and OSINT Office.  In 2005-6, Jim led a 1200-person document exploitation facility in the Persian Gulf. He is a Distinguished Graduate of the National War College.  He also serves as Global’s Quality Assurance Manager and is an ITAR Empowered Official. Jim has a truly global focus and has visited 44 countries and 42 states.

Tom Downing

V.P. of Business Development

Tom Downing has been engaged in Public Sector business development since 1998, working primarily with the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community to provide professional services. He has lead business capture for Language, Intelligence, Cyber Security, IT, and Logistics activities that support both CONUS and OCONUS opportunities. He also has extensive experience recruiting and prides himself in being able to find those “purple unicorns”. His unique ability to connect with people and identify ways to work together has led to the growth of Global Dimensions as a diverse and stable federal contractor.



Unsurpassed focus on quality of personnel and mission performance. Hire right the first time and invest in retention. Full Quality control and assurance at the localized level and from headquarters’ executive senior leadership.


Exercising the strongest moral principles is paramount, and grounded in honor.


Knowing moral principles and conducting actions, activities, and missions with a foundation on these principles.


Fluid, complete, and honest communications throughout mission performance. Pre-emptive risk mitigation and response.


Devotion and faithfulness to the nation, our customers, and the care and concern of our employees and their families.


Providing our customers and employees our unwavering assurance that we will not only succeed, but go above and beyond the call of duty in every instance to give them the best experience and results possible.


Confidence and courage to always be  forward-thinking to growth, strategic planning, innovation, mission adaptation, and success.


Fairness in equal opportunity, without favoritism or discrimination in all aspects of our organization, and integrating this into the service to our customers, hiring practices, policies/procedures, and into our treatment of employees.


Inspiring a unifying perspective with equal opportunity for growth, where everyone feels indispensable, important, and part of the team.

Global Dimensions is committed to YOU.

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