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Global Dimensions provides quality expert services with exceptional cost control. Keeping to a core of unwavering Integrity and Ethics, and a focus on the care of our employees, we provide our customers with quality mission success.

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Teaming Partners

Two International Space Station crew members extend their stay https://t.co/L0iuug0KMn #NASA #InternationalSpaceStation #SpaceStation #Expedition65 #JAXA #ESA #CSA #NASAArtemis #Artemis

And a Big Dog for You!

Soldiers from @ArmyFortLee made these Afghan children’s day by giving donated toys and games to them yesterday! Sometimes it’s the simple things that can make life just a little better for our Afghan guests. #OperationAlliesWelcome

This #NationalPreparednessMonth, talk with your household and make a plan in the event of an emergency.

For more information visit https://t.co/XVVpdzqp6D.

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