Special Operations

Global Dimensions' Special Operations Forces Director’s obligation to the SOF Community

The Global Dimensions team, through multiple vehicles in support of (ISO) special operations forces, will concentrate any and all services available to train, sustain, and enable concentrated support to Special Operations Forces conducting global military actions across the gamut of special operation mission sets worldwide in support of SOCOM Objectives. 

USSOCOM synchronizes the planning of Special Operations, and provides Special Operations Forces (SOF) the support persistent, networked, and distributed Global Combatant Command operations require in order to protect and advance our Nation’s interests. We at Global Dimensions will establish processes and assign appropriate resources to effectively administer all set requirements. We will respond quickly and transparently to government requests for contractual actions. Global Dimensions remains on the leading edge of permanency, development, and resilience in order to advance with efficiency and agility consistent with Special Operations Forces.

With a retired 27 year operator leading our SOF directorate, it is our obligation to provide the finest and most adept means of support and services to the brotherhood and mission. We will never veer off the path of adaptability to acquire the appropriate answer to facilitate mission success for the operator and command.

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